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Swedish Baked Potatoes

The world owes a lot to Sweden. The small but powerful country has given us H&M, ABBA and IKEA. And that would have been enough, except their generosity didn’t stop there. They also took the baked potato- one of the most standard and hearty guilty pleasures, added ingenuity, and created the Swedish baked potato. Not only… Continue reading Swedish Baked Potatoes

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Creamy, Chunky Mushroom Soup

Around 2 years ago, I began following Chrissy Teigen on Instagram and two years later, I’m completely obsessed with her. As if it’s not enough that she’s a glamorous model and married to the ‘legend’ary John Legend (ha), but she’s also an incredible cook. A skill and passion that reached an apex when she released… Continue reading Creamy, Chunky Mushroom Soup